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About Us

About us

We are not different! We are the parents, one of those who really want to give their baby the best in everything. When we were pregnant (because pregnancy is not limited to a woman anymore, Even the men take responsibility of the whole process.) , we were also searching for the best products for our newborn like other excited parents. And while googling , one day we found how the disposable diapers are worst for babies and for the earth too and immediately we decided not to Use disposable diapers for our baby. But we thought there must be the option for this and we came to know about washable cloth diapers for babies concept.

Then we started using organic cotton cloth diapers for our NB. Unfortunately, we found that the diaper does not absorb as much as promised by the brand. Baby's skin was getting red and there was some rashes due to excessive moisture. And this was the biggest problem.

Then we started doing more research and research over this. If any solution is available for this or any fabric available which absorbs more than cotton etc. And we found there is a fabric called bamboo fabric which absorbs 60% more than cotton and other fabric. T

Bamboo charcoal avoid excessive moisture on baby's skin & Which is also antibacterial fabric. And surprisingly we also found that nowadays people are using this fabric to make quilts, undergarments, blankets etc because of its Anti Pilling and Antibacterial property. So we also found these diapers are available in so many types, and fabrics and the main thing, Bamboo Charcoal cloth diapers were expensive. But, as parents and responsible human beings, we strive to create an environment which is safe for our children today and tomorrow. We definitely care about our baby's health and well-being to develop a better generation. So after several visits to the people included in the process of manufacturing cloth diapers like bamboo fabric manufacturers, fashion designers etc., we got confidence in how we can take this concept to each and every new parent in India. Then we ordered some samples for our own baby and tried it and the result was awesome. Finally our search ended and we planned to bring this thing in India for other babies also. We made some samples, gave it to new parents in friends and family and took feedback from them. After doing some corrections in designing, we finally made a perfect Bamboo Charcoal Baby cloth diaper And thus the Bumchikbaby was born in this way! 

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