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Bumchikbaby Bamboo Fabric Newborn Pocket Cloth Diaper- Mini Space

₹ 349
Product Description

BumchikBaby soft Bamboo Newborn pocket diaper comes with one 4 layers soft bamboo insert. This can be stay for 5-6 hours on baby. 

This is free size diaper that can be used for baby weight 2 to 5 kg(for 0 to 3 months baby).

Waterproof PUL fabric is used for outer layer so diaper does not get leak. Natural Bamboo fabric stay dry layer is used inside which keeps baby's skin safe & healthy.

  • Absorb 60% more than cotton & other fabrics.
  • Free Size : Can be used for 0 month to 3 months baby ( 2 kg to 5 kg)
  • Antibacterial & Anti allergic that keeps baby away from any bacterial infections.
  • Overnight leakage Protection with 2 inserts.
  • 100 % Reusable & Washable
  • 300+ Washes
  • Moisture management: Lightweight breathable fabrics help reduce sweat that keeps baby's skin cool in hot and warm in winter like season.

How to use ?


Prepare to wear

For bamboo charcoal diapers/inserts: Please wash 2 times with detergent/soap before using it on the baby.


For micro suede: prepped in 1 single proper wash with detergent.


For pocket inside pocket and that must be lies flat on the pocket’s surface without having any folds on it.


For covers, Attach insert with given snap-on diaper.


For AIO, One insert is already there. You can attach extra insert using snap.

Put on Baby

Lay baby atop diaper with his/her waistline directly against the back top edge of the diaper.

You will see the "wings" laid-out to the left and right of the baby's back. Draw the bottom portion of the diaper up through the legs and to the baby's waistline.

 Holding one of the back wings, draw it forward

Repeat this process on the other side. As the baby grows, these settings will change until your baby outgrows that particular size of the fitted diaper.

Remember your baby is laying down at this point, so do not secure too tight or it will be too snug when your baby is in a sitting position.

How to Wash ?


  Hand wash


  • Remove inserts from pocket diapers.
  • Remove any solids from diapers with water jet or under the tap
  • Soak diaper in the water with small amount of regular detergent for some time.
  • Begin with normal procedure like other clothes 
  • Dry under the sun


 Machine Wash

  • Remove inserts from pocket diapers.
  • Remove any solids from diapers with water jet or under the tap.
  • No need to soak
  • Put all diapers in the machine directly with normal hot water with regular detergent.
  • Wash on regular cycle 
  • Dry under the sun or Spin dry. 
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